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Why Equity?Why A-List?

Dependence-free Research

“At a time when high-churn hedge fund clients have become the focus of sell-side research, A-List can help the long-term, low-churn, investor who is increasingly neglected by brokers and their sell-side research.”

Equity research was until recently provided almost exclusively by the ‘sell-side.’ These are principally the stockbrokers and corporate financiers who make their money from transactions in a company’s shares. Sell-side research is provided free of charge to investors, but it comes with real short-comings and conflicts of interest. Furthermore, because of the commercial requirement for it to generate commission or fee income, sell-side research coverage is typically not provided for small and even good quality medium–sized companies. Read more on sell-side research

So called ‘independent’ research providers have sprung-up to fill this gap. Few are genuinely independent and many provide ‘sponsored’ or ‘corporate’ research intended to raise the company’s profile and valuation. It is paid for by the companies being researched and is freely available to the public. Read more on sponsored research

A-List equity research addresses the shortcomings of both sell-side and sponsored research. Subscribers pay us to bring only the best quality companies to their attention, and our commercial interests are aligned with those of our subscribers. Read more on the benefits of A-List research