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Why Equity?Why A-List?

A-List provides a uniquely valuable equity research service.

  • We identify and report on a very rare selection of companies.
  • These are businesses which have exceptional economic, financial and investment traits.
  • They occupy positions of competitive advantage within their industries, and have the operating and financial structure to deliver superior and highly predictable returns on invested capital.

By concentrating solely on the best quality companies, our research assists investors who are allocating capital for the long-term. It is of particular value to investors wanting to make concentrated, but low risk, allocations to individual companies, rather than follow the widespread practice of attempting to reduce risk by spreading capital thinly. Our research supports high conviction long-term investment, lower transaction costs, higher compound returns and an ability to ignore short-term market gyrations.

This is research as it should be, and research is all we do. We do not seek to generate commission income, investment management or corporate finance fees, or to raise the profile of the companies which we write about.

Investing with economic advantage

The case for owning the equity of companies with economic advantage has rarely been more compelling.

We are drawn to businesses with strong economics that can endure. Defining attributes here may include market dominance, non-replicable assets such as intellectual capital, barriers to entry, ability to innovate, scalability, inelastic demand and pricing power.

We put forward companies which you may have overlooked, dismissed as over-priced or where our angle, and the case for investment, is not yet recognised by the market. Examples of our coverage include Abcam plc, Coloplast A/S, Mead Johnson Nutrition Inc. and Fuchs Petrolub AG. New companies are reviewed and added when appropriate.

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What can we do for you?

A-List has one over-riding objective, which is to help you achieve exceptional investment returns.


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A-List’s criteria for selecting companies represent the distillation of decades of hard earned investment experience.


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